What’s it all about. Short and sweet.

After writing about how me and Kieran met a few people have said they enjoyed reading our story. Firstly – thank you and I’m pleased you approve, I have so many stories to write about us and our idiosyncrasies but I’ll keep them banked for now unless they become more relevant or if I need reminding of the days pre baby!

Also I just want to mention that it was made clear if you found this blog via my Instagram account that Im writing this blog mainly for me but also for anyone who it may happen to help. I know when I was younger I would have loved to have found a blog like this, just to know life is still normal even though I myself may not be considered to be. If you have not been directed through my Instagram account you may have been confused as to where SoleHandedMama came from. Well, I want a place where I can be me, write my thoughts, write my stories without having to filter. I filter my words on a hourly basis, ofter on a minutely basis at work. And it’s exhausting trying to say the right thing or wishing I could interject in a conversation but not because of worrying that I might come across or be perceived in a manner which I don’t want associated with my character. If you like reading about my life and the insides of the whirling thoughts that go on in my head then thats great and I’d like to thank you for the support. Ive already had people message me seeking support on topics that they wouldn’t have had they not read my SoleHandedMama accounts/blogs and thats amazing, it truly makes me happy knowing I can help people whilst doing something that gives me an outlet. This is a safe space so if you don’t like it – don’t read it and to quote Clark Gable, ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.’ So if you want to piss on someones chips go to your local chippy and buy yourself some cause my chips are tasty and I’m not sharing. Well I’m being forced to share my food with the baby in my belly but I’ll allow that considering I get to taste all the flavour.

Going forward, I’ll predominantly be writing about my pregnancy, birth and adapting to the life changing event that is becoming a fully pledged parent/family. Im hoping to share my experience of finding ways to overcome any difficulties I may have due to my hand deformity and talk about any ways/products that help. Surely if I find anything that helps me then Im presuming it may help two handed parents! Other topics may creep up along the way that doesn’t stick with the theme but as mentioned this is for me so I can write about whatever the hell I want to!

Im open to suggestions and will write about things if people have a topic they are passionate about, or if you have any questions about anything I write about, or if you want my perspective on anything from accessible baby products to what my biggest fears are for the future. I have thick skin, so get in touch if you want!



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