How it all began.

Rewind back to April 2013, it was a sunny and hopeful day car shopping with my dad. I was 21 and looking half decent, only because it was a rare Saturday that I wasn’t hung over as I had returned home from uni for the easter break. We walked into Carcraft, a car supermarket brimmed with balloons and salesmen with pristine haircuts and tie knots. We were greeted by Kieran who assured me and my papa that he was there to assist us in anyway possible, after exchanging the rolling eye looks with dad we fobbed him off to go look to see if they had any Audi TT’s or a baby blue Fiat 500 in an automatic that didn’t cost the same price as my entire uni fees. We soon found out they did not. Kieran attempted to steer us into looking at manual cars. Now due to my hand I can only drive automatics which he obviously wasn’t to know, so I just played the “ahh nah I just took the automatic test cause it was easier” approach. He was trying to sell me a car after all – so he wasn’t going to question me. He seemed genuinely a bit gutted we were leaving without any goods and offered to take my number so he could keep an eye out for my specific requirements. I gave him my digits and thought nothing of it.

A few days later whilst sitting in the kitchen/living room/ dinning room/ landing of my tiny third year student house with my girl Becca this Car Salesman Kieran text asking if I had found a car yet. Naturally I replied saying no luck yet but was still looking, the following text changed it all. He only went and put a bloody kiss on the end. I double checked with Becca if this was standard service just incase I was reading into that little – x – Becca confirmed my initial thought of he’s wanting to get me in his car never mind find me one! I replied and played the game as writing my assignment had bored the shit out of me for a solid week, and plus I had nothing to lose!


I had to ask him to send me a picture of what he looked like as I had not paid him much attention due to the exciting blinkered thought of potentially buying a shiny new car.  It was a dark photograph of him standing next to a life size character of Sully the monster from Monsters Inc. As an OT and a standard girl I analysed the crap out of this picture.


  • Firstly why was he standing next to a child’s character. He must have a child.
  • Secondly, why has he cropped it? He’s clearly cut someone out of the picture he doesn’t want me to see.
  • Thirdly, he has really olive skin I wonder if he’s mixed race.

After a few weeks of texting here and there I agreed I would let him take me out on a date when I was back home in a months time for my Grandma’s birthday party. I got a lift home to Newcastle on the Friday, whilst on the road I got a text from him saying he had to stay back late at work so had to cancel our date that was planned for that night. Being the sassy 21 year old I was I replied saying fine, but if he didn’t see me that weekend he’d blew it like I was some big deal. Cringe! The following day I had the biggest bunch of flowers delivered to apologise for the cancellation and promise he would make it up to me. Later me and my family went to the casino for my grandmas birthday and the themed party returned to my parents house on the evening. I asked my Grandma for her permission to leave her party early to go on the date with the lad that bought me the flowers. I vividly remember her reply; “Of course you can, he may be the man of your dreams.” He picked me up and took me to some pub in Durham called “The Duke”, where he talked talked and talked about all his friends and family then randomly lent over the table and kissed me. He was a bold boy to say the least but he was cheeky with it and it was nice to be in the presence of such a socially confident man. After our drinks he took me to some park where you can drive into. An initial thought was this is rather creepy and I should have brought that pointless whistle they give you in freshers week but i just went with it knowing I have a mean right hook should it be required. Thankfully it wasn’t required and was a lush view over the city he knew so well.

It was a task in itself trying to keep my left hand from him as he was so darn tactile! However I am a full time professional at this, so if anyone needs tips on this task Im your gal! Historically I have always kept my hand a secret on dates because I don’t want my hand to overshadow me and if the date didn’t go anywhere I would know it wasn’t because of my hand. So like always, Kieran was none the wiser I had a little left hand, he had made it very clear he was into me so I thought I’d wait and let him know the following day. I built up to that text all day Sunday until I just HAD to press send after reading my composed ‘just thought you should know I have a little left hand, if that changes things thats fine, if it doesn’t then thats fine too’ text 100 times over. Keep it blase and chilled was the aim. He took a full 2 hours to reply the little shit. His response was ‘That doesn’t change you at all. Now I have something to tell you.. Im either a transgender drag queen or I may have fibbed and I do in fact smoke.’ One month later he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. Three years and three months after that he proposed. One year and one month later we got married where we announced we were pregnant. Three months later and here I am writing this blog with the ever so slightly more grown up version of the salesman with the pristine haircut and tie knots snoring on the sofa next to me. I bloody love the bones of him and wouldn’t change him at all.

Grandma you were so right! You are deeply missed and always in our hearts.




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